the official mine token

by MemeCoin Universe

Have you ever wanted to own a mining rig and create passive income but you don’t have $8,000+ to buy a mining computer? The Official Mine Token by MemeCoin Universe is bridging that gap. This token is supported by Ethereum mining rigs and pays a 6% ETH reflection. All holders of The Official Mine Token will receive the benefit of earning ETH passively while mining rigs provide additional liquidity to the token regularly. See our working rigs in the Hall of Rigs below and check out our Roadmap for success!

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How it Works

The Official Mine Token by MemeCoin Universe is the first truly self-deflationary token in As trading persists on this token, reflections are generated both for holders as well as for buying more mining rigs. The ETH mined from these rigs will be put back into The Official Mine Token liquidity pool through scheduled and coordinated buy backs, thus increasing the value and decreasing the supply over time. See our Roadmap to learn how this token becomes “Hyper Deflationary”. 

How are we different?

Reflections from this token will be used to buy more mining rigs. More volume means more rigs. What we are doing differently is that we own our rigs and we are not leasing them from a mining warehouse. This provides us the flexibility to open a node when ETH changes to proof of stake. You can see each rig and its specifications in our “Hall of Rigs”. By owning all of our own rigs there is no cost for management, maintenance or electricity. All of the ETH mined will be going directly back into the ETH pool of this token in the form of planned and coordinated buybacks. We will make public the timeframes and amounts of the buybacks. See our Roadmap for more info. 

The Official Mine Token cycle


Acquire Mining Rigs

This revenue-case is already active

with 1 mining rig performing at full speed.

You can see it in our “Hall of Rigs”.


Token buy backs

Token buybacks will happen monthly at first. As the amount of ETH mined grows, buy backs will become weekly. We will announce to our followers exactly how much ETH will be bought back and a timeframe of when we expect that to happen. Buy back will generate reflections for holders, reduce the supply and increase the value of the token.


Acquire more Rigs

As we acquire more rigs and more graphics cards,

we expect that volume will increase. As the volume

increases we can acquire more rigs. This cycle will

end around 100 Mining rigs which we expect to

generate 30+ ETH per month.



When ETH converts to ETH2.0

and proof of stake. The Official Mine Token will

establish a node with staked ETH for processing

ETH transactions. The remaining hardware

will be reset to mine any valuable crypto and then convert it to ETH for the scheduled buybacks.

At this point we expect the token

to become “hyper deflationary” and buyback more

than 50 ETH per month. 


Acquire Mining Rigs

revolutionary ERC 20 created with
ONE purpose: mining Ethereum
into the blockchain


Token buybacks

The project started with one ethereal mining rig,
with is already set up and running. The short-term
plan us to acquire as many mining rigs as possible.
Mine Token is going to acquired them with the
funding obtained from the development’s tax


Acquire more Rigs

will schedule and announce tokens
buy-backs as the ETH’s mining rewards
are achieved and collected.
This buy-backs are going to be directed
a trackable dead burn wallet



buy-back is going to generate an instant
Ethereum reflection to the ALL holders

hall of rigs

Check out our HALL OF RIGS!

Here you can see photos, specs and other information about each mining rig in our operating inventory. As the token grows, so too will our HALL OF RIGS.


Phase 1

Launch 1/30/2022

Have 3 Rigs functioning by 2/7/2022

Buy back more than 1 ETH at the first Buyback

Have 1,000 Holders

Phase 1

Phase 2


Grow from 3 Rigs to 15 Rigs

Average .3 ETH Per rig Per month

Buy Back 5 ETH in 1 month

Have 2,500 Holders


Phase 2

Phase 3

Grow from 15 Rigs to 50 Rigs

Average .3 ETH per rig per month

Buyback 15 ETH in 1 month

Have 5,000 Holders

Phase 3

Phase 4

Grow from 50 Rigs to 100 Rigs

Average .3 ETH per rig per month

Buyback 30 ETH in 1 month

Have 10,000 Holders

Phase 4

Phase 5

Become “Hyper Deflationary” by buying back
more than 30 ETH per month consistently

Own and operate 100 Mining Rigs

Upon Release of ETH2.0 Establish a Node

Use Remaining hardware to mine any valuable crypto to then be converted into ETH for buybacks

Have 100,000 Holders

Phase 5


The Offical Mine Token fair-pre-sale enrollment will open January 16, 2022 until January 26, 2022.

Join our Telegram channel to learn more about the most recents news about launch day!

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Buy now

Get ready for The Official Mine Token pre-sale!

The only requirement to enroll in the exclusive MINE pre-sale is to own at least 25 billion $MCU.

If you don’t own 25 billion $MCU, you can buy them now here:


(1 Quadrillion) Total Supply
Eth reflections to all holders
Dev tax
To DeFiant Platform for CaaS

contract code

The Official Mine Token contract code will be available on launch day at the end of the month.


Creators, Artists, Influencers, Fans and Holders have the opportunity to compete for a massive ETH prize with 20-30% of the participants winning a prize at the end of the contest. These people will get simple instructions on the type of message we are trying to convey as well as some graphics to use in their work. They can create still art, photography, gifs, tick-tock videos, Memes, IG Reels and a few other forms of social media material and they will be mostly unrestricted in their creative abilities. Then, we will launch their work through our social media page and they will help it go viral to the best of their abilities. The creator with the largest digital foot-print for exposure will win the grand prize. We will launch 2 posts per day for the given period and allow 2 additional days for the creators to compete for exposure. The prize is paid in Eth.

We have ways of doing bot checks on our end plus some simple human logit. The rules for the contest will make clear that using a bot service and other types of cheating will be monitored for and will not be tolerated. Since this is sometimes out of the direct control of the creator it will not always result in disqualification.

We will be marketing the contest across our social media pages as well as the forums and chatrooms where these creators are already searching for new competitions. Anyone from any part of the world can compete as long as they have access to the social media networks we are using.

Prizes will be given out to a set number of participants based on what we think 20%-30% of the participants will be. First place will receive 80% of the prize money, second place 10% and a sliding scale down to the last person. All prizes will be awarded in ETH.

We want to provide as few restrictions as possible to our creators. They can choose to make digital art, photography art, memes, gifs, 5 second videos, cartoons, and many things we haven’t even thought of. As long as it is original and can easily be shared on the platform(s) of their choice and it fits the parameters of the contest they can submit it.

The creator who submits their work will let us know which social media platforms they are most active on. Once we have accepted their submission we will let them know the time we will release it from our page(s). They will have their watermark on the work for exposure and they will work together with our community and their own to make it go viral.

Technically yes. All posts will have to go through an approval process with the MCU dev team and only the best performing post can win a prize. A creator can submit multiple pieces, we may approve more than one but there will only be 1 prize per creator.

You can visit our contest page by clicking HERE and you can see in these examples how it is already been successfully implemented world-wide and on a broad scale:

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